An Amazing Day in Paris

A full day, fully customised and tailored for you

7 hours

What we’ll do

Forget Google, TripAdvisor, Lonely Planet, go for a real Parisian. We'll exchange several emails with what your thoughts, desires, musts are and we'll reply with suggestions, ideas and things to do. Check out the top landmarks? Got it. Go off the beaten path? Sure. Try everything at a local open air market? Yes. Bike, walk, Uber? All of them. We'll set up the itinerary and start whenever you want, wherever you want and we'll be with you to make sure you get the best possible day in the most beautiful city in the world. At the end of the day we'll give you complimentary tickets to go enjoy the most successful one man show in Paris (in english!) How to Become a Parisian in one Hour, where you'll learn and laugh at us with the fantastic Olivier Giraud. Tickets are included in the price! For more info on the show click here:

Where we’ll be

You decide! We can meet at your hotel, or depending on the itinerary we settle on, somewhere else to take better advantage of your time.

What I’ll provide

Any transportation needed. Tickets to "How to Become a Parisian in one hour"


Bring an umbrella just in case, and an open mind, above all else!

Max group size


Guest requirements

Where we’ll be

You tell me!

Comments & Reviews



Anto is a real treasure. He's lived in Paris most of his life and really loves the city. I had such a great time cycling all over the city. He showed me all sorts of doors to push on to see behind the scenes of Paris. He answered all of my questions and seemed interested in what i had to say. Get him to take you for a pastry and then a pita bread with meat and salad in the Jewish qtr. Fantastique.



Anto's is simply awesome, great knowledge, the best descriptions, he is really the best, we enjoyed the afternoon a lot and we have now a much better knowledge of Paris and Parisiens.



Anto is one of the most delightful people you will ever meet! Fun, charming, engaging, friendly, and passionate about all things Parisian. Anto manages to make everyone in the group feel comfortable, regardless of age (our group ranged from 18-55), and always manages to find new and authentic places to explore. This is our second trip toParis, and time with Anto is always the highlight of our trip.

USD 490.00
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