like a local in paris with anto tours
like a local in paris with anto tours
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Hi, I’m Anto. Contact me!

I've been hosting and showing people around the most beautiful city in the world since 2010, and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. I have an unparalleled connection and passion for this city and I want to share it with you. Join us for drinks, meet fellow travelers, and get to know Paris like a local. If you’re unhappy with the experience, you’ll get a full refund.

When people ask me what do I like about Paris, I ask them back: which Paris? There is a different Paris for art lovers, for fashionistas, for expats, for foodies, for walkers, for bikers, for night owls and early birds, for you. Let me help you discover which is the right Paris for you.

Walking or biking, night or day, rain or shine, indoors or outdoors, Paris has many things for everyone, and my mission is to make sure your time here is as good as you were expecting it to be, or even better.


More than fellow travellers, friends.