Where to Stay in Paris

Anywhere. Seriously. It’s a small city, with an amazing metro system and bike sharing system. Now, depending on what you want to do, you might choose some districts over others:

  • If you want to party, stay near the Parmentier, Couronnes, Bastille, Grands Boulevards metro stations
  • If you want to do shopping, stay near the Rennes, Saint Placide, Saint Sulpice, Montparnasse metro stations
  • If you have very little time (less than 2 days), stay near the Saint Michel, Hotel de Ville, Louvre-Rivoli, Saint Paul metro stations.
  • If you want to stay in a very peaceful neighborhood, stay near the Jasmin, Mirabeau, Michel Ange Auteuil, Exelmans metro stations
  • If you want buget yet safe locations, stay near the Jaures, Laumiere, Ourcq, Porte de Pantin metro stations

If you’re looking for something more precise, drop me a line!