The ├╝ber museum or Louvre


They say if you spend three seconds in front of every piece of art in the Louvre, you need three months to see the whole thing. Since you have more things do to in Paris, we’ll likely skip a few things.

The guys at the Louvre figured it out, and when you get there you’ll get a map with the highlights. So the museum becomes something of a treasure hunt: find all the objects, take photos and move along.

Louvre museum

Doing the mainies will take you a couple of hours. The it’s up to you to spend one more hour on something else: I am in love with the mummies and the cats in the egyptian section. I mean, they’re like the first hipsters of the world: they liked cats before it was cool. Anyway the roman section is also nice with all the sexy statues and stuff, and the greek goes a similar way.

Louvre museum

Spend no less than three hours here: even if you know jack about art, walk around: you’ll find something cool your unwary brain will make you take a picture of.

If you want to see the inverted pyramid where Robert Langdon kneels on the DaVinci code movie once he realizes where the Virgin Mary is buried, follow the directions to get out of the Museum through metro Line 7. You’ll see it before you get there.

Just outside there is the Pyramid entrance and the “Carroussel du Louvre”, a very pretty mini Arc de Triomphe.