The number one meet up place for tourists, expats and erasmus students

It’s nothing out of the extraordinary, but you will inevitably cross it at one point or another during your trip.

It’s a favorite among eveyrone but Parisians because it’s central, spacy and well connected. People often climb the fountain when drunk or celebrating some sports success (hence drunk).

This is the square where the free tour starts, that I recommend on another of my articles.


The statue is of Saint Michel or Saint Michael. You will see rivers of people going and coming into the Quartier Latin: it’s fun to walk around but do not eat there. There are only tourist traps, with cheap menus that guarantee cheap food.

If you’re feeling hungry, walk up the rue Saint André des Arts (to the right facing the statue, the street has a Subway restaurant), those options are better in quality. There’s a crêpes place, a vegetarian and a libanese which are pretty good. Remember Paris is a cosmopolitan city, so no need to obsess with eating french food for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Place Saint Michel, free access 24/7.