Paris is an like an old whore... come see the climactic area.

Is quite boring. There are four things worth mentioning though, and its why you’re going there, like it or not:

  • The Notre Dame Cathedral is there. So… yeah. Just go. Before or after visiting the super church, look for a bunch of people looking at the floor near the entrance: thiere will be a golden plaque, which is the “point zéro” of Paris. Like the center of the center. You’re suposed to walk around it three times on one foot and then step on it if you want to come back to Paris.
  • André Breton was some snob surrealist poet, look him up; he’s famous. Anyway, he said Paris was like an old whore, all wrinkly, dirty and overused, but still with some charm that keeps people coming back to her. Since Paris is a whore, hence a lady, she has a clit. The clit is Place Dauphine, according to Breton. I’ll leave the jokes to you.
  • The Pont Neuf translates as “New Bridge”, and yet it’s the oldest bridge in Paris. hahaha. It’s quite pretty though, go check it out.
  • At the western tip of the island, there is a park, the Square du Vert Galant. After the park, at the very tip, there is a weeping willow. That, my fellow tourists, is the best place in the whole city. Here’s the explanation.

I’m not telling you where things exactly are: ASK! talk to people, walk around, interact. It makes it more fun. Find out by yourself if people are actually as grumpy as the stereotype says. My money is on NO.