The best place in Paris is a tree.

Paris is a relatively small city, and at it’s core there are two little islands: Île de la Cité and Île Saint-Louis.

While some people claim the first Parisian settlers where at Nanterre, the city per se started on these islands and then grew downwards, towards what today is the Quartier Latin.

The Île de la Cité has many touristic attractions: Pont Neuf, Notre Dame’s Cathedral, Sainte Chapelle, Conciergerie. But the best place Paris has to offer is none of this: it’s a tree.

Right at the end of the Île de la Cité, passing the Pont Neuf and going down as if you were going to take the boats that glide you in the Seine, there is a small park, le square vert galant. This is a pretty park, bu it’s not where we’re going.

Go around the park, and keep walking towards the end of the island. At the tip of the island, a Weeping Willow sits. This is the best place in Paris.

The best place in Paris is a tree

Go below the weeping willow. You will be in the center of Paris, and yet the leaves of the tree will “hide” you in plain sight. Kneel, and you can see the Pont des Arts all it’s love locks and people drink nicking. The louvre is a little far away to your right. And the boats and magnificent Haussmaien buildings will surround you.

The best place in Paris is a tree

Come in spring and bring a bottle of wine, baguettes and some cheese at dusk.

Come late at night, bring your lover, and get as creative as you can.

Come on summer any time, bring your friends and enjoy the parisian way a good pic nic

Come in winter, bring a notebook, and draw or write away under a good coat and likely an umbrella

Come at dawn and see the night lights go out and give way to the sunlight

Alone, in a couple, with friends, in any season, this is the best palace in Paris. Do not miss it.

Get here:

Metro Line 4, Cité station Metro Line 7, Pont Neuf station Bus 27, Cité stop