How to choose wine in Paris

If you’re reading this article, it means wine to you is like toothpaste to a donkey. Or to an englishman.

The thing is wine is really cheap in France. If you haven’t been to a supermarket yet, go take a look: wines start at 1,50 euros. Of course, those really cheap wines are for students who binge drink it.

Nevertheless, anything over 4 euros is OK. Anything over 10 euros is very good. And if you want to go even further, then you shouldn’t be reading this article and you know that.


If you’re in a Restaurant, specialists say the best option is to pick the second cheapest wine on the list; because that is usually the best value for money (Restaurants pick a very cheap wine and the rest of them are middle range). This is for people who know what they’re drinking.

For you, my fellow tourist, the cheap wine will do. Promise. You’re in Paris for God’s sake: they might bring you vinegar with grape juice and you’ll love it. But they won’t. They will bring you a bottle that cost them over 4 euros. And that plus the ambiance and the dinner, will make it a great night for you.