France is a woman. Have you seen how the French represent her?

Republique square was fully revamped in 2013, and it is a favorite for locals now.

France is a woman

At the center is Marianne, the feminine representation of the French Republic. You can bike, walk, sit, skate, and protest here. THere’s a small café I haven’t tried yet. The water mirror is cool! And you can literally soak in it if the temperature is right.

The huge Military Caserne in front of it is quite impressive (you’ll see the building when you get there).

Check it out before heading to the Canal Saint Martin, or go boogie and one of the many options at the rue Faubourg du Temple (Favela Chic for hip hop, Gibus for electronic, Retrodancing for atin rythms)

Place de la Republique, métro République (lines 3,5,8,9,11)

France is a woman