Ever wanted to play video games while peeing? This Dude Abides.

It’s one of the most elaborated bars in Paris. It’s not expensive (not cheap either) and very fun. It’s big, but the guys at the bar don’t let you in unless you have a place to sit, which I find pretty cool.

On the entrance floor, play board games while sipping a “Darth Vader” or a “The dude” with famous Sci Fi clips on the background.

Go down one floor, and you have a 50’s themed floor with video games installed in the urinals (I scored 2 points. Try and beat me!)

Go down another floor, and you’re in a Medieval Dungeon, drinking dragon’s blood on big, long tavern like tables.


It’s one of the few bars in Paris where you can have fun in a not over crowded area.

Le dernier bar avant la fin du monde, 19 avenue Victoria. Metro Chatelet