Drink Nics - a Parisian expat favourite

Drinking being so expensive in Paris, expats (and dare I say even some parisians) go on drink nics as long as the weather allows it.

A drink nic is going to your arab du coin, buying wine, beer, maybe even Pastis if you want to not remember anything later, and a minimum amount of chips so you don’t to fall into a coma by midnight. With all that you go sit down at a parc/along the Seine river to indulge into your 1664 beers and CĂ´tes du Rhone wine.

Drink Nic Pic Nic

If the weather’s good, there will be millions of people around you. So you might meet some interesting stuff, and the french might even speak broken english to you!

Some open up the night with a drink nic to then go dancing, others just stay there drinking away. Your choice!

Drink Nics: spring, summer, fall. Along the Seine usually.