Cheese dégustation - a must.

You can’t say you’ve been to Paris if you didn’t try at least five kinds of cheese. I’m serious.

This is a perfect dinner plan, that you will do either

  1. On a beautiful garden, park or by the Seine river, or
  2. At home if the weather doesn’t leat you do option 1

Wherever you do it, here’s the how to:

  • Find a good fromagerie nearby
  • Buy cheese.
  • Buy a baguette
  • Buy wine (Red)
  • Enjoy.


Some recommendations:

  1. The first cheese you’re going to buy, is the one the Fromager recommends you. Ask him for his favorite cheese, and buy some.
  2. I hate goat cheese (chèvre), but every single other person in this city loves it. So get some of that.
  3. You should try the Roquefort or Bleu. Very strong taste, disgusting look, but delicious.
  4. My favorite is Reblochon. Eat it with the crust!
  5. If you are feeling very adventurous, try Maroilles. But it’s really special. You’ve been warned.
  6. To ease it off, buy some Brie or Camembert. Easy on the taste, still very good.
  7. I also like very much the Coulommiers, the Saint Marcellin and the Brebis (although the last one is too close to Feta, so don’t buy that one).

For the baguette, anything goes. As for the wine, anything over 4 euros is good wine, so don’t worry about that either.