A triomphal Arc right in the middle of the Axis of Victory

This is another one of those buildings you don’t want to go up, since it won’t be on your sights if you do, and it’s an essential part of Paris.

The Arc is part of the Axis of Victory, that perfectly alligns the Louvre Pyramid, the Louvre Carrousel, The Concorde Obelisk, the Arc and the Arche de la Défense.

If you dare, bring some food and have a pic nic at the top, then it’s cool. I did it once, and the guards wouldn’t let me, so we just found a small hole in a wall and they didn’t see us, so we had our humus and cous cous in peace.


Note that you have to go under some stairs to get to the Arc, don’t cross the street above gournd like a crazy goat.

Hitler paraded here after taking Paris (he lovvvvved it) and even respected not going above the “tomb of the unknown soldier” that lies at the center of the Arc.

It’s quite a small Arc! The entire building fits into the Opera garnier, for instance.

Arc de Triomphe, Place Charles de Gaulle, 75008 Paris