A garden full of ladies and flowers. And politicians.

At least the politicians are hidden, so no biggie. (They’re inside the Luxembour Palace, closed to the public, but beautiful on the outside)

Luxembourg Palace Paris

All the statues on the Luxembourg Gardens are ladies. No exceptions. Well one exception: a Lion. See if you can find it.

Come for a pic nic, a drink nic, or to just relax after a lot of walking. You can even play tennis if you’re up for it.

Luxembourg Palace Paris

It’s the second biggest garden in Paris. They have seats for you to relax and overpriced snacks of course.

If you’re here, I hope that you’re either coming from or going to the Pantheon.

Luxembourg Palace Paris

Luxembour Gardens, Metro Line 4 and 10, Station Odeon (It’s a 10 minute walk, bring a map).