A beautiful Rose that will bring you bonheur. For a decent price.

This is one of the places parisians love. You’ll rarely hear anything other than french (that is, until this post makes it huge for tourists).

Very good rosé wine bottles for 18 euros, some sardines or awesome cured ham for under 6 euros, a very relaxed smoking-allowed terrace and a room ready for dancing until the park closes.

The place is Rosa Bonheur, and it gets pretty packed, so be there before 18h30 if you want to avoid the queues. Music volume goes up around 9pm and it closes at midnight. That’s OK, you’ve been drinking since 18h30 so you’ll be drunk enough to continue the party elsewhere.


Rosa Bonheur, Here’s the offciail website

Rosa Bonheur, Parc des Buttes Chaumont, F-75019 Paris. Botzaris metro station will leave you at the right entry of the parc, closest to the place. It is a big parc, you can perfectly walk around it for an hour before getting there!