10 things to know before setting foot in Paris

  1. It doesn’t matter where you stay, as long as you’re in Paris. There are 400 metro stations, all 500 metres away from one another. There are also 2000 bike stations. And the city is safe. You’ll be fine.
  2. You will be walking. A lot. It’s a small city. You can be in ANY touristic interest site within one hour walk from the center. And the walk will be awesome. Promise.
  3. Learn this phrase: “Excusez moi, parlez vous anglais?”. Ask Google to pronounce it for you. This means “Excuse me, do you speak english?”. Parisians will reply with “yezh, i speek a little beet” and then you can ask them whatever you want. You have no idea how different the treatment will be with this phrase.
  4. If you cross a restaurant with a 12 euro menu or less for entrĂ©e + plat + dessert, don’t go there. The cooks are not french, the food will not be good, and the experience will not be nice. Go to Le Bouillon Chartier, Chez Gladines, Ptit Grec, Le Poulbot, or download the Lafourchette app and check out the reviews there. Don’t fall for the tourist trap!
  5. Conventional souvenirs are bought at rue de Steinkerque, near Anvers metro station. Original souvenirs shall be bought at l'Univers de Leo.
  6. Keep your phone in your pocket. Take out a real map and use it. People will come to help you, and you might get extra tips from nice locals.
  7. If someone drops a ring in front of you or comes to ask for your signature or to make you a bracelet, it’s a scam. Refuse it politely.
  8. You don’t need to Tip!
  9. All museums are closed monday, except for the Louvre, which closes on tuesday.
  10. Have fun. Enjoy. Look around you. It’s going to be your best city ever, take advantage of it.